Local Editions

Showcase Your City’s Creative Pulse in a Localized Edition of Artisan Joy

Showcase Your City’s Creative Pulse

Artisan Joy’s mission is to amplify the work of creative entrepreneurs, chronicle the positive impact of art, craft and creativity on the economy and community, foster connection among creative business owners, inform the public about the work of artists and artisans, and educate artists and artisans about small business ownership through interview journalism.

We’re excited to partner with you to customize a localized edition that highlights your city's creative spirit.

Why Partner With Artisan Joy

  • Boost Engagement: Our localized editions are more than just magazines; they’re powerful marketing tools that engage the community.
  • Promote Your Local Talent: Your local edition will feature compelling stories of your city’s creative entrepreneurs. This will not only promote their work but also build a stronger, more connected community.
  • Unique and Memorable Marketing: Stand out with a beautifully crafted publication that tells the unique story of your city’s creative heartbeat.


“Hi Stephanie,

On behalf of the Greater Wilmington and Brandywine Valley Bureau (GWCVB), I want to extend our deepest gratitude for the incredible collaboration on the special edition of Artisan Joy Magazine. Your dedication and outstanding work have truly made this project a seamless and rewarding experience.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. This magazine will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Wilmington and Brandywine Valley area, highlighting our community and the wonderful small businesses that contribute to its charm. Your work, along with the Artisan Joy team, will help showcase the unique artisans in our region, fostering greater appreciation and support for their craft.”

Courtney Haywood, M.Ed., Director of Public Relations,Greater Wilmington CVB

How it works

  • Discovery and Planning: We start with a collaborative planning session to understand your goals, identify key local talents and outline the project scope.
  • Content Creation: Our editors interview creative entrepreneurs in your city. We provide the writing, editing and design, and the interviewee provides photos.
  • Publication: The final product is a professionally designed, print and digital magazine that you can distribute through various channels to maximize reach and impact.


  • You can choose to pay for the production of your customized Artisan Joy magazine outright. Or, you can solicit sponsors and advertising to cover the cost. Artisan Joy will provide you with advertising specs. Artisan Joy can provide a link for sponsors to pay for their advertisements.